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         Welcome to our website

We advocate a dignified treatment for all animals. In doing this, we especially focus on sensitizing for the character of cows. Our initiative was based on the desire to campaign for these animals and their wellbeing. By now, our commitment also covers the campaign for other animals. So we decided to join forces by founding the nonprofit association "Initiative Lebenstiere e. V.". 

This website is above all, dedicated to our rescued animals. We want to center their personality and character. By now, our pigs, sheep, chicken, turkey, ponies, and several cattle herds live in East Hesse, where they can spend their life  „free from exploitation“.  We like to inspire exchange of ideas, and open doors for new ways of living with all other beings. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us via e-mail or contact form! (Link zu englischem Kontaktformular?)

We are very happy that more and more people campaign for animals such as cows! But rescuing animals also means to provide for their lifelong supply. That's why sponsorships (Link zu Patenschaften Englisch?) are so important for our work.  

Our association is accredited as non-profit-making organisation, so we are authorized to issue donation receipts.  

Welcome Waltraud

A Real Fairy Tale

Schneewaltraud (Snow-Waltraud) has eyes, dark as ebony, a coat just as white as snow, and a rose coloured nose. She is a French Charolais cow, and suddenly stood on the same meadow as our cows, to keep them company, after our old cow Lotte had passed away. The farmer was looking for a new home for her, but because of her horns nobody wanted her. He asked us if we would take her for free. As she was already friends with the other cows, we agreed. She is still looking for sponsors. 

Nepomuk in Need

Töggur – Moving aged 35 

Nepomuk is a little lamb which someone taking a walk noticed, and called us. The little one lay on a meadow, already half dead. The walker noticed that there was still movement in him, and she asked us for help. First, we didnt't find out where the shepherd was. So our team member Astrid drove to the meadow, together with the department vet, and took him to the animal hospital. He was totally emaciated, full of parasites and had under temperature. He already had lost muscles. But he had an enormous will to live. By now back with us, he gets physiotherapy, is cared for intensively, gets good food and is recovering quickly. He is still looking for sponsors.

Töggur is an Islandic name and means tenacious, or resilient. And that's what he is, without a doubt.

He wouldn't lived to be 35 years old, otherwise. Iceland horseTöggur moved in with us because his horse buddy had died, and he was all alone in his old home.  His human friend also had health problems, and therefore didn't have enough money anymore, to take good care of him. Now he is eating like horse, gets veterinary care and we want him to age in dignity.

Now he is looking for donations and/or sponsors